One-Touch Condom

One-Touch Condom

This type of condom has a thin plastic band attached to its front part. Just pinch the free end of the band and have a slight pull when one wants to use it. (See Figure ) In this way one can almost avoid touching the condom itself. This type of condom possesses the following three striking features: Hygienic, safe, and convenient.

This is of particular significance at a time when extra-marital relations are increasingly developing and when sex-related diseases like AIDS spread unchecked across the world. Efforts should be made both in advocating a marital sexual life and in offering. Necessary help for non-marital partners to reduce or prevent the likely sex-related diseases.

As is shown by investigations, condoms are widely used by non-marital partners. Unfortunately the condom user has to touch his sexual with his hands, thus getting infected with the virus on the organ. This possibly facilitates the spread of sexual diseases, The One-Touch model, however can save such trouble, and greatly reduce the probability of being infected with sexual diseases.

The old type of condom possesses a flimsy diaphragm of latex, which is easily scratched by the cutide of males' or females' fingernails. Herein lies the main season why sometimes contraception fails even if condoms are used. But the One-Touch condom remains in good condition forever because human hands need not touch, or still less, break it, thus ensuring safe and successful contraception.

The old type of condom needs squeezing the semen container, which constitutes the front part of the condom, and dispelling the gas from within before the condom is put into use. But the One-Touch condom turnout much convenient because the gas within has already been driven out of the semen container by the tightly-attached band. Moreover, in using the old type of condom, one can hardly make a distinction between what is the wider side and what is the above side in the dark. Such a distinction calls for repeated trials. The One-Touch condom is different. One can easily tell the under side from the above side even if in the dark. Because it is to the under side that the plastic band is attached. One Touch will do!

How hygienic, safe and convenient the One-Touch condoms are! This latest type of condom can really replace the older generations of condoms on the world market.

Standard: ISO4074: 2002/GB7544-2004
Certifications met: CE/TUV/13485/ ISO9001: 2000

Product Origin:  
Model Number: ISO4074:2002
Brand Name: One-Touch

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